Special Awards


  • Lifetime Emmy Award: A Top New York Anchor to Receive the Honor
  • Host/Producer Original TV Series: Positively Ernie, FOX 5 News
  • Outstanding Single Newscast at 10, FOX 5 News
  • Excellence in Writing: 9/11 Firefighters, The Edward R. Murrow Award, WCBS-TV
  • New Yorker of the Year, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • New York State Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame – Ellis Island Medal of Honor
  • National Father of the Year – Celebrity Chairman St. Francis Food Pantries
  • Variety Children’s Charity, The Bowery Mission, JDF and Easter Seals

Anchor Awards


  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: London Bombings, FOX 5 News
  • Anchor Outstanding Coverage: The World Trade Center Bombing, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Single Breaking News Story: New York City Blackout, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscasts: City Hall Shooting & Ready for War, CBS 2
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast at 11: 9-11-02 Anniversary, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Transit Strike Team Coverage: CBS 2 News
  • Anchor Outstanding News Special: Thee Rodney King Verdict, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Channel 2 News at 11, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Coverage of a Single Breaking Story: Flight of 5050 Crash, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Puff Daddy Not Guilty, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding News Special: Hurricane Hugo, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: Channel 2 News at 5, WCBS-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Documentary: Alcohol in Best Neighborhoods, WABC-TV
  • Anchor Special Coverage: Liberty Weekend, WABC-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding News Special: Freedom of the Press, WABC-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Newscast: Eyewitness News at 11, WABC-TV
  • Anchor Outstanding Single Newscast: The News at 10, WWOR-TV

Reporter Awards


  • Reporter Outstanding News Story: Heart Stop Teen, FOX 5 News
  • Reporter Outstanding Program: Uptown, Downtown, WCBS-TV
  • Reporter Outstanding News Special: Death of John Lennon, WABC-TV
  • Reporter Outstanding Special Report: The Poison Water, WABC-TV
  • Reporter-Anchor Outstanding News Special: Hurricane Gloria, WABC-TV
  • Reporter Single Breaking News Story: Death of Nelson Rockefeller, WABC-TV
  • Reporter-Anchor Outstanding Live Coverage: Women’s Games, WABC-TV
  • Reporter-Anchor News Special: Presidential Inauguration, WWOR-TV
  • Reporter-Anchor Outstanding News Special: Caring for Your Parents, WWOR-TV
  • Reporter-An American Journey: WWOR-TV
  • Reporter-Celebrating His Life: WWOR-TV
  • Reporter-Outstanding Continuing Coverage: Death of JFK, Jr., WWOR-TV